Yesterday I saw The Amazing Spider-Man and frankly I’m having a hard time getting it out of my head. The film exactly what I wanted from a Spider-Man movie, it had great actors in the lead roles with likeable chemistry, a real tale of heroism, and most of all it had a huge amount of heart. The performances in this film are genuinely great all around, characters who weren’t very fleshed out in the original trilogy like Aunt May and Uncle Ben are given much larger parts that make them more important to us, this is especially important for Uncle Ben as it makes his (Spoilers) death much more important to Peter and subsequently us. The villain, Curt Conners, who is transformed into the lizard via his own doing is well used before the transformation, as Rhys Ifans plays a great father figure to Peter as his science mentor. The CGI used to animate the lizard is a bit off and hard to really feel any genuine emotion or fear. The best two performances in the film however, are undoubtedly Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider Man. Stone gives a character that could’ve turned into another Mary Jane: Basically no character, only a love interest, and turns her into a full fledged character, capable of helping herself and willing to put herself on the line to save not just Peter, but everyone else. Andrew Garfield gives a performance that feels instantly identifiable on many levels. On one, this Peter Parker starts off as someone that many teenagers will be able to relate to, he’s an outsider and a nerd, he keeps to himself. But at the same time, he is never truly defenseless, in the first 10 minutes, he takes multiple hits from a bully to protect a kid from getting hurt, right from the beginning Peter has a bit of hero in him. That’s not to say that Peter is perfect, when he first gets his powers he is motivated only by revenge to find his uncles killer, it takes him a while to truly come into his own as the hero we all know as Spider-Man, but when it finally happens, it’s all the more sweet because it truly feels earned. Garfield really feels like the Peter I know from the comics, unlike Toby Maguire, he really is optimistic and able to crack a few jokes thought the movie, just like Spider-Man would. The real highlight are the scenes the Garfield and Stone share together, they truly have amazing energy together and their relationship feels real, from first contact right until the end. Every interaction with them feels real, and watching them stumble to ask each other out was a very funny interaction. The plot of the film works much better when It’s exploring Peter’s daily life as opposed to his huge battle with the Lizard. It’s not often that the smaller scenes can be more exciting than the action. Not to say the action isn’t good, the fight scenes are all great, some are more iconic thanothers, like the first time Peter discovers his powers in a subway car or the first time he catches a criminal. This review is not at all going to be scored on if I think that this movie is necessary, because in reality what movie is really necessary? It’s a fun movie that has a huge amount of heart and that if you are a true spider man fan you will truly enjoy.