Marvel has just announced it’s new initiative to relaunch many of their comics and hopefully draw in new readers. They will relaunch at least one comic each month from  October to February of next year. It’s called Marvel NOW and overall I’m very conflicted. I thought I would talk about the comics they have announced individually and then talk about what I think of the idea in general.

Uncanny Avengers: This is the big flagship comic from Marvel and will be the first comic to be sold. It will feature big characters from both the Avengers and the X-Men fighting the Red Skull. If the creative team for this series hadn’t been announced, I think this comic would’ve been met with far more outrage than it currently is, not to say there isn’t outrage on the internet about this. What gives me hope in this comic is that it is written by Rick Remender and drawn by John Cassaday. Remender writes one of my favorite books, Uncanny X-Force, right now so I do have faith in him as well as his artist, John Cassaday, who drew Astonishing X-Men, my favorite X-Men series. To me, this really depends on the story inside and if they can keep it interesting. With Remender on this book is sure to have great, 3 dimensional characters and interesting, weird stories so I will definitely at least be trying this out.

All New X-Men: First of all I think this is an ironic title as the plot of this “New X-Men” book stars the Original Five X-Men: Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman, coming from around the time was originated, (probably not the 60’s. More likely the ‘80s or 90’s) seeing how the present turned out and trying to change it. To me this feels very weak and a very slippery slope to walk on for writer Brian Bendis. A big selling point is that with this comic brings the return of Jean Grey to Marvel, as she has been dead for a little under a decade. Overall I am not planning on picking up this title when it is released, I assume that if it ends up being good word of mouth will spread, then I’ll pick it up.

The Avengers: Right now this title is being marketed almost entirely by name recognition and it’s writer, Jonathan Hickman. Hickman is known for his current run of Fantastic Four, he has been writing for a couple of years now to huge critical acclaim. I started reading comics too late to get into the run as he seems to be ending it now anyways. If this title brings the same level of plotting, character development, and epic payoff that his Fantastic Four run is so well know for, he can consider my money his.

Overall, anyone could make the connection that this is a reaction do DC’s New 52, but honestly as someone that got into monthly comics about a year ago, I very much like this idea, it would finally allow me to start buying the comics of so many of the heroes and creators that I love so very much. Right now we hardly know anything about this new initiative other than these 3 comics, I am sure we will learn all of the secrets next week at comic con.