For those not completely swept away by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staple’s Saga, the premise is this: 2 Lovers (Alana and Marko) from a planet and a moon fall in love during a war between their two species and have a child together. They become fugitives from the law and must avoid the law at all costs to keep their child safe. Along the way they have picked up ghost/babysitter Izabel, who has been guiding them to the rocketship Forrest. This chapter is the best of all 4, while it doesn’t move the story forward much until the last page, we learn more about Marko’s past and get to see the exploits of The Will. Yes, thats The Will with a capital T. The Will was originally assigned to find and kill Marko and Alana but decided that it was not worth his time. However, when he was first hired he was given a card with infinite amounts of money on it, which he intends to use on the planet sextillion. You can tell from the name what type of place this is. What he does on this planet cements him as the most badass character in the comic and has made him my favorite character. What makes this comic stand out is Vuaghn’s writing, which shines in every page. He makes the characters feel real, with history and thought governing everything that they say. This is magnified by the brilliant artwork of Fiona Staples. She gives the characters personality and compliments the script perfectly. The end of this issue suggests that with the next issue we will begin to see some true action. 

I give this issue 9.8 out of 10

The comic is 9.5, with .3 added for the awesome letters column.